i have crossed oceans of time to find you.

May 20, 2009


what is it about bram stokers dracula that makes it so good?

is it gary oldman?

is it the costume design by eiko ishioka?

was it the lighting?

maybe it was just directed well by coppola.

maybe it’s the score by wojciech kilar.

personally, i believe it’s gary oldman.

throughout the film i cannot take my eyes off of his eyes.  scene after scene he captivates me with his voice and sharp stares.  i love the way his energy feels as if he is just about to burst with fury and anger. only he stays very calm as this energy quietly bubbles beneath his surface.

my favorite scene is when vlad convinces mina to allow him to escort her to the movie. after watching a short film, mina says she must leave and vlad grabs her, telling her in a deep and desperate voice,  “do not fear me.”  he lifts her and takes her over to a little corner and lays her down. with fear in her eyes she breaths deeply and asks him, “who are you?” and vlad still afraid to confess to his true identity softly says to her,  “i have crossed oceans of time to find you.”

truly a beautiful “cult” film.

coppola uses some of the tricks used in older films as to keep with the  esthetic of the origial dracula film nosferatu.


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