the elohim

July 1, 2009

z york

about ten years ago my friend susan put me on to malachi z york.

he is believed to be the leader of the nuwaubians.

according to wikipedia the nuwaubains are  ” an esoteric cosmology, a collection of religious teachings, a group of religious, tribal, and fraternal organizations, and a set of cultural practices that is multifaceted and ever-changing.”

according to my friend they are a group of black people who believe we ( black people ) are the descendants of black people who live beyond our solar system.

malachai z york claims to not only be melchizedek but numerous another incarnations of holy men.

he has mapped out a complete history of  black peoples existence.

writing over 400 books, he illustrates a deep history.

one that is far more developed than any tolkien book i’ve ever heard of.

i’ve had the pleasure of seeing many of these as my friend was an avid fan of the works.

for those of you that like to dabble in kemetic history, please research the nuwaubians.

very interesting theories.


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