the start

July 5, 2009


i think it was fall because it was getting darker sooner each day or maybe it was summer cause i think school was out.

i was watching bet and they played the on and on video from erykah badu.

i jammed to it a bit, i had heard it before.

it was cute.

but it wasn’t until the commercial break was over and they announced that she was there ready to perfom that i really took notice.

one sister had a fro, there was an ankh standing next to the mic.

incense was burning.

fabric was around.

and they were cooing, badu..badu,  badu..badu.

i didn’t know what was going on , but i loved it.

i immediately got a tape pushed it into the vcr and pressed record.

i recorded that performanced and watched it over and over.

i learned the songs and when the cd came out i got it.

i played it all the time.

i learned the intro, the outros and midtros.

i was more than a fan.

in school, a girl dubbed me erykah ba-don’t.

i wrapped my hair and basically lived my life as if i actually knew her.

as funny as it was i really learned alot.

i met alot of people like myself who were intrigued by her lifestyle.

suddenly there seemed to be a wave of people walking around in fabric and natural hair.

talking about hotep and maat.

studying ancient ways.

that is the great thing about artists like erykah badu.

they inspire you to learn more about yourself.

and remind you that’s its okay to against the grain every now and again.


2 Responses to “the start”

  1. sue said

    so true Key. I can say the same for Bob Marley. Growing up I loved his music, his locks,clothing, talk… everything about him was so different. It was only years later that I realised a lot of my philosophies (simple as they were back then) were traceable to his songs! great artists. they always stand out from the rest for these reasons.

  2. I love you, and love to read about your roots, and how you became the Key that stands before me. Thanks for that!

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