my mother’s hands

July 18, 2009

i loved looking at my mother’s hands.

i would stare at them for hours while she slept.

as i got older her hands began to make me sad.

and i feared i’d never see them age.

my mother always laughed at the funny things i said.

and she said she’d always be around anyway.

but i wanted her hands.

i wanted to see them age.

it wouldn’t be fair.

to she nor i.

wasn’t that the point of having hands?

to see them age.


2 Responses to “my mother’s hands”

  1. LOUISA said

    i enjoyed your writing I agree with you. I have written a song called My Mothers Hands and would love you to listen and watch the video. Hope it helps all who need strength

    Thank You

    my mothers hands youtube LOUISA

    • key said

      the video was very touching.

      thank you so much for sharing that with me.

      i hope both our moms are happy and maybe even hanging out with each other someone sharing their stories about us.

      wouldnt that be nice.

      : )

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