get used to it

July 23, 2009

no matter what i wear everyday at least five men sexually abuse me.

mostly older men who could be my father or grandfather.

they see me coming down the street and i see them make their way to walk past me.

they don’t say anything until their mouths pass my ear.

then they tell me how i remind them of sex.

no hello, no nice day.

no nice dress.

just hard dicks.

and i have to smile and take it as a compliment.

it seems to be acceptable in our society that men can sexually abuse women any time they want.

no one seems to think that this is unacceptable behavior for a man.

several women have told me that is a compliment.

if a man sees a women he can tell her any type of vulgarity he pleases.

if the women does not like it who cares.

there are many who do i guess.

and others who raise men to do so.

i can only think back to willie lynch and the theory that ethnic men are so over sexed due to the breeding that occured during slavery.

ethnic men were encouraged to spread their seed.

sometimes even ripped away from their loving families solely for this reason.

sent off to seek out another wench to breed with.

never to return.

we were seen as cattle and not enlightened beings who are on a spiritual journey.

i look around and see us behaving like animals still.

wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to cover up?

wouldn’t it be nice if men where proud of us and uplifted us.

protected us.

i wonder if women were ever able to be respected sexually and not abused?

i wonder if our society will ever live up to it’s great potential.



2 Responses to “get used to it”

  1. Leigh R said

    I totally understand your stance. I am a 41 year old man who realized, a long time ago, that it IS unaccecptable to talk to women, particularly OUR women, with disprespect and vulgarity. Unfortunately, I see this all too many times as I travel the streets in my daily routines. I see it early in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. Not only does it remind you of the lower nature that is allowed to exist in our discourse as man and woman but it frustrates me because some of these men have daughters or wives that are subjected to the same thing. Without going in to it too far, the main reason for this is that generation after generation, no chooses to challenge that aspect when it’s time for the ‘rights of passage’ from boy to man. A child will see this and think that this is what we’re supposed to do. Most men with a conscious will know that this is wrong behavior but they have no discipline. Most that do it just don’t know any better… and that’s a shame. So please understand, there are A LOT of us men out here that don’t practice the vulgarity. I don’t, really never have. I just hope that you don’t lump us all into one group when you’ve reached an intolerable limit. Bless up.

  2. J.R. said


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