little house

August 12, 2009


i knew my aunt loved the little house on the prairie.

she told me it was good years ago.

but i didn’t know it was that good.

little house is amazing.

i’m an completely in love with the entire family, hell the entire town.

i want to move to walnut grove and get a farm next to ms. beedle.

she can show me the ropes.

and then maybe i can make peach preserves and sell them at the mercantile.

i’m sure it wasn’t easy, but they make life on the prairie look quite appealing.

it makes you want to have your own little family and get a little home somewhere and grow together.

if only everything was as easily solved as they are in television.



2 Responses to “little house”

  1. sue said

    i know dats right xxxx 🙂

  2. peca said

    key now you know why you are sitting here talking about that little house you should be talking abou the GOLDEN GIRLS! cause you know thst is our show. OK! but i need not lie. i do enjoy some little house myself. it always makes me cry.

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