August 19, 2009


a few days ago, i got caught.

i was having one of those ” maybe i really just don’t belong ” days.

and just when i thought no one was looking for real and i could wallow in my own self pity,

i saw a face i haven’t seen in a few years.

i remember sitting on the bench looking out at the sea, wondering.

i didn’t want to move, i just wanted to sit there and become the bench.

just ease slowly into it and become a cold iron and wood bench.

maybe i would get lost in my sari.

wrapping it around me, my eyes caught a glimpse of the pink in the fabric.

maybe i could become a speck of pink and live there on my sari and float with the wind.

but none of those things happened.

andrew saw me and came over and i just hugged him and cried.

i saw so sad.

and so happy that i didn’t have to fade away at that moment.

it was okay that i was there and that i wasn’t happy.

someone was listening and they sent andrew to remind me.

andrew took a photo of what he saw.

i was so embarrassed.

and then again i wasn’t.

i was free.


7 Responses to “caught”

  1. susan said

    Hey Miss Key, I love u so much. I’m so sorry I can’t be there for you 😦

  2. Snot said

    Key u are beautiful even w/ tears in ur eyes.

  3. jinita said

    im proud of u for sharing your inner most. miss u!!!
    your strong and beautiful. life is brutal for many of us but it’s only cuz the challenges presented are for the sake of our strength.

  4. key said

    thanks everyone for your kind words.

  5. J.R. said

    Stunning, and we all have those days!

  6. What a raw and beautiful photo…he really captured the moment…absolutely beautiful. There are still angels in the world… 😉

  7. Caught this site completely by chance and decided to read. It may take me a couple of goes but there is something in this that stopped me. Like a little sensor going off at the back of my mind. Thank you for providing me with a moment to stop and, well.. just stop.

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