August 20, 2009

i have a quilt that was made by my great grandmother.

i’ve had it for a while.

but it wasn’t until i strolled by a quilting store that i realized people still quilt.

i was amazed by all the beautiful patterns and fabrics created just for quilting.

things have come a long way.

my quilt is made of pieces of fabric.

i always wondered where the pieces came from.

some years ago i came across a documentary about quilting in alabama.

it’s called ” the quilts of gee’s bend

i loved the documentary so much, i got a copy for my grandmother.

i  learned so much about quilting’s origins in slavery and it’s uses primarily as message carriers.

slaves used quilts to inform each other of events like deaths, births, thoughts of escape and sorrow.

i decided to construct my own quilt.

i found some fabric with colors to my liking.

i gathered a few scrap pieces from a dress i made this summer.

i took a pair of old pants out of a bag for the goodwill.

i cut little squares and other pieces to fit in.

i imagined my own great-grand kids one day looking at the quilt.

trying to find what piece was what.


2 Responses to “quilting”

  1. J.R. said

    You should keep up the tradition, and quilt!

  2. arlijohn said

    Quilting is my passion. There is nothing so satisfying as sitting in the middle of my studio floor half buried in fabric.

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