and watch for me in the sunset

August 25, 2009

so sunday the color purple came on back to back and of course i watched them both.

i simply can not get enough of the film.

basically i sit there and say each line with them.

telling myself how good this film is.

it is so good.

one of my favorite scenes is shen celie is reading a letter from nettie and the last line of the letter is …

” and watch for me in the sunset.”

then celie gets a good slap from mister. ’cause she didn’t hear him calling her.

i love that scene because it sums up exactly what he was trying to prevent.

he didn’t want celie having an outlet, an escape from her reality.

mister. knew those letters would give her hope and he wanted to beat that out of her.

why should she have someone love her when he didn’t.

that wouldn’t be fair right?




2 Responses to “and watch for me in the sunset”

  1. cuz i can tell when it be messed wit…LOVE this movie…will never get enough

  2. J.R. said

    My favorite movie of all Times! The direction is amazing, and the attention to detail is awesome! Not to mention, the once in a lifetime performances! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS FILM!

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