bass line in i want you

September 3, 2009

i was obsessing over one of my favorite songs by badu.

i want you.

i’ve narrowed it down and basically the bass line is killing me.

it is that in which i seek every time i think to hear the song.

at about 2:39 after a long intro the personality of the bass is introduced.

from 3: 04 to 3:08 a rift is played that becomes the mantra for the vamp at the end.

i would have loved to be there when they mixed this song.

just to hear that track over and over in the studio must have been amazing.

i wonder if someone is playing the lines or is it a machine.

towards the end i get a live feel but that can be faked.

it would be nice to see someone play that line live.

i wonder when badu is playing again near me.

maybe they will do i want you.



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