it’s too early in the day for killing princes

September 19, 2009


my cousin tameka told me to watch that troy.


and i was very reluctant to do so.


however, tnt has been playing it this weekend and now i’m all about troy.


i always loved brad and the war scenes in this film are breathtaking.


the script isn’t horrid either.


one of my favorite lines is when brad says he will not kill the prince hector because it is too early in the day for killing princes.


that’s  a man.


still not one of my favorites, but a damn good film.




okay i have to add something here that brad just looks so good in this film.


i mean it’s just too  much.


and when he’s fighting…..


dear god please, i sometimes can’t even breath.


and if we are gonna go there please don’t dare talk about fight club..


i may just lose my mind.



One Response to “it’s too early in the day for killing princes”

  1. tameka said

    thats right people give Troy its due respect. Cuz Brad Pitt know he looked sexy then a mother******….well let me calm down.

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