i want to lock it all up in my pocket

September 20, 2009


the worst thing about good moments are they end.

like everything.

i guess that is why chocolate and sweets are so wonderful.

you can have that moment of joy at your finger tips, literally.

anytime you want you can feel that joy, that moment of just you and the sweetness.

i never cared much for sweets.

i take a bite here and there.

but as i get older, i’ve found some pretty nice friends.

strawberry shortcake is nice to sit with.

and i really do enjoy the company of chocolate peanut butter cups.

i guess it’s the little things one should seek.



One Response to “i want to lock it all up in my pocket”

  1. tameka said

    must you have the willy wonka golden ticket. lol
    “But you and Grandpa Joe” lol

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