who knew?

September 20, 2009


okay so stay with me on this one.


the predators are  basically black rastas from space who came to kill the aliens who i’m guessing most nuwaubians would say are the first white people.

are you still there?


okay, the predators are definitely black men with locks.

they make that very obvious in the film.

and when they attack the crew of scientists and the like, they only kill the white people.

sanaa lathan ends up “helping” the predators against the aliens when she and one of the predators have sex  make amends. 

that ole gag. 

and she is given a phallus weapon by the leaders as a reward for her courage.

need i go on?

for those that dabble in conspiracy theories,

those that research aliens and the like.

you will enjoy this one.

fo shizzle.




2 Responses to “who knew?”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    I can’t believe you’ve heard of the nuwaubians. when i tell someone in NY about them, they look at me like i have two heads. They’ve never heard of them.

  2. key said

    yeah there is a lot people don’t know.

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