gary oldman

September 22, 2009


it’s almost time for halloween.

and all i can think of is now i have an excuse to obsess over dracula.

the story of the first vampire is actually a simple love story.

a prince becomes angry when the lady he loves commits suicide thinking he’s dead.

he takes revenge against life itself and decides he will live forever through the forces of evil until he finds his lady again.

he waits for centuries.

until one day his efforts produce that moment when he is able to get close to what he feels is the reincarnation of his love.

gary oldman as prince vlad is one of the best performances i’ve ever seen on film.

especially when he plays the aged dracula.

in the scene below vlad makes himself  look younger to appeal to mina.

around 4:05 is when vlad tells her not to fear him and that is when i lose my mind.

from then on if i were mina the story would have been very different.

there would have been no resisting.

no asking of questions.

before he could even finish telling me sweet nothings in romanian i would have been at the castle sewing new drapes for the dungeon.

i love this scene because it shows the vulnerability of prince vlad.

he struggles to compose himself when speaking with her.

his emotions create elements of darkness represented by the beast and skeleton that appear.

i love that the entire situation is driving him mad and all he wants to do is make mina a vampire and take her away.

but he waits.

and let me just say this film is nothing without the beautiful score by wojciech kilar .





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