September 23, 2009

photo marilyn monroe autopsy
photo marilyn monroe autopsy          


so these are supposed to be the autopsy photos for marilyn monroe.

it is rumored that she was murdered.

but if she committed suicide then why does she look so bruised up?

did someone beat her ass before she committed suicide?

i think not.

looks like she just got beat period.




7 Responses to “maybe”

  1. Kelly said

    She committed suicide. It was researched long and hard, she overdoesed on purpose on Nebutan .. a sleeping drug. The bruising is not bruising, it is discolouration of her face because when she died, she was facing down, and the right side of her face was on the bed. That is why she looks “bruised”.
    Hope i helped you!

    • Nicole said

      She Did Not commit suicide. I have been studying on that woman for the past 14 yrs, the shit ass Kennedys had A Lotttt to do with what happened. Too many people noticed some odd goings on that Saturday night Aug 4, 1962. Marilyn did suffer from depression, insomia, but people knowed her pesonally would tell you, “She has mentioned suicide before, but she loved life to much to do such a thing, their was foul play involed, Pat Newcomb said so herself”…… There ya go!

  2. sydney said

    Do your OWN research! Marilyn was murdered. No nembutal pills were found in her stomach, it was empty! She also DID have bruises on her that suggested she may have been held down. hope this helps you more!.

  3. Anonymous said

    As a scientist i feel compelled to argue that the nembutol caplets could have and did easily disolve in the stomach of Marilyn before the autopsy. If you look a rogram called unsolved history: who killed marilyn this is proved with scientific experments. Also there are websites that feature the exact autopsy report of Marilyn and it does not state any bruising at all. She was found dead in a locked room, locked from the inside, yes there was a broken window which was broken by the people who found her. Also at the time of death blood congeals and gathers at the lowest point of the body, in this case the face as she was lying on her front, hence why she appears so “bruised”. I do not believe she was murdered, it was either suicide or accidental overdose. Remember she was found with a reciever in her hand and had already in the past overdosed and called for rescue. it appears she was simply crying out for attention and it all went horribly wrong. And seeing as we will never know there is really little point arguing over it.

  4. Anonymous said

    there was a typo i meant to say if you look up a program called unsolved history*

  5. Anonymous said

    And in response to earlier comments of people who knew her said she wouldnt commit suicide… well the naked truth is that we never really know anyone. We can spend every waking moment with someone and not know them. Do you think Ian Huntleys friends thought he was a paedophile, or Ted Bundys Family knew he was a murderer? We never know people 100% even if we like to think we do… no one can vouch for anyone as we all have secret and complex feelings that we do not tell anyone.

  6. Emi said

    I believe the Kennedy’s did have a hand in her death to an extent, because there was a growing suspicion about the affair between J.F.K and Marilyn. Though, I do believe she overdosed. Marilyn suffered from insomnia and depression and those sleeping pills can dissolve in your stomach. The discoloration in her face was strictly from her death. The body begins to decompose and who knows WHEN that photo was taken. It would have been super sloppy for the Kennedy’s to beat her, because it would have raised more suspicion on them. Why not kill her with something she already takes? Blame it on her problems? It sounds like an easy enough plan.

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