September 27, 2009



going downtown meant shopping when i was kid.

if i was lucky my mom would let me play extra long in the arcade at albee square mall.

she played centipede and i played packman.

sometimes we would go pick up a big brown box that had clothes she put on layaway for me.

those were the best days.

when bad came out.

my mom told me it was filmed at hoyt and schermerhorn strain stop.

from then on every time we went downtown i would try and see if maybe michael came back.

kids are so silly.




3 Responses to “downtown”

  1. Melissa said

    Nice memories! Funny, I also became obsessed with trying to figure out where Michael was. That stop always intrigued me, as I wondered what was up with the other side and why it never “worked”. aww, I miss brooklyn.

  2. key said

    the train stop is so mysterious.

    i love it so much.

    one day, i’m going to sneak to the other side.


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