some day he will say

September 27, 2009

the main ingredient were a group of men whose voices blended in such a way that you can almost hear it ring.

this is my favorite song of theirs.

i wish i could have seen them sing this.

i probably would have fainted.

they were so smooth and handsome.

the song was originally recorded by another black male group called the impressions.

but i prefer the main ingredient.

those are my fellas.


One Response to “some day he will say”

  1. cheetah said

    My darling Ladyplum,

    Thank you so much for reminding me of a time in my life when my breath is taken away to remember again. “I’m so proud” brings back so many memories, I can’t even begin to tell you! Mostly I remember Don McPherson and the day he passed away. None of us had ever felt so alone before, we were all very young, terribly upset and scared. Did you know he wrote “Black Seeds Keep on Growing” just before he died? What an era that was; I wrote a poem that day. Right now I’ve been trying to find in all my dusty old boxes to give to you. If I find it I will send it on.

    Tout mon amour

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