September 30, 2009



i love archery.

if i had a little extra cash i would take lessons.

with my cat like reflects and skillful hand eye coordination.

i would do quite well.




3 Responses to “archery”

  1. cheetah said

    Ladyplum, mon Cheri,

    Back in the 1950’s I remember an American writer who was interested in Buddhism and the power of meditation. He entered a monastery in Kyoto, Japan, if I remember right and spent months(if not years) learning archery. Archery became a form of meditation; his goal was to hit the center of the target while blindfolded. He wrote a book about the experience. There are people who can actually do this!

    Do you know of the book?


  2. key said

    i have not!

    but it sounds very interesting.

    thank you for making me aware of it.

    have you ever tried archery?

    one day, i will give it a try.


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