September 30, 2009



i love watching gone with the wind.

i love it cause i love watching vivian leigh.

she has one of the most beautiful faces i’ve ever seen.

and she was a superb actress.

many people do not like gone with the wind.

some are uncomfortable with seeing the relationship between blacks and whites during that time.

the entire cast delivers a striking performance.

especially hattie mcdaniel as mammy.

her quick witted honest replies and to scarlett’s selfish propositions make some of the best scenes in the film.

there are many different ways you can perceive this film. 

i watch it and see a story of a young woman learning her way through life.

trying to love a man who doesn’t love her.

the setting is in the old south and she is a spoiled brat.

years go on and she becomes more conniving to no avail.

he still doesn’t want her.

finally she realizes all too late that the man she ignored all the while

was really the one she was looking for anyway.





4 Responses to “scarlett”

  1. cheetah said

    Ladyplum, Mon Cheri,

    As much as I love watching “Gone with the Wind”, I still feel uncomfortable seeing the relationship between whites and blacks portrayed in the movie. Though I am white, I feel terrible shame for the pain my skin is capable of inflicting.

    African history on Earth is far more influential than I am capable of keeping in the forefront of my consciousness at all times.

    Please allow me to tell one short story.

    Here it is: France ruled the world in 1805 as the United States does today. The Haitian Slave Rebellion was such a strategic success it literally brought the French Empire to its knees.

    As a result of Toussaint L’ouverture’s successful campaign the United States was able to buy the Louisiana Territory (including what became Chicago).

    There are many many more stories too.


  2. key said


    i understand your points on history and am aware of the many tales of colonialism.

    and these tales should be told.

    but we, blacks and whites, can not allow the past to shape our ideas presently.

    we must examine the past, discuss it and learn from it.

    watching films like “gone with the wind” can help us examine our past.

    the roles that blacks and whites played and are still playing today.

    from “gone with the wind” see that not much has changed in the last three hundred years.

    there is a lot of discussing that needs to take place.

    many tales that need to be heard.

    only through seeing and living the history can we begin to understand and heal the pain felt from blacks and whites.

  3. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

  4. cheetah said


    You are absolutely right about this. Lets keep telling stories.


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