os gemeos

October 1, 2009

Os GemeosOs GemeosOs GemeosOs Gemeos


Os Gemeos

os gemeos


3 Responses to “os gemeos”

  1. cheetah said


    This is most interesting art. Graffiti art, I understand, has a powerful cultural signature; it could be called our most relevant form of art. Unfortunately, I know very little about it.

    Indigenous people in Utah centuries ago painted graffiti art wherever they built their houses. Archeologists who find it say they really don’t have a complete understanding of what it meant to the people who painted it.

    Could you tell me more? I would be interested in hearing what you understand about it.


  2. key said

    i wouldn’t call myself an expert on graffiti.

    but i believe initially graffiti was a way for people to rebel.

    it began with “tag names”.

    a “tag name” is a name you give yourself or your friends give you when you’re young.

    a nickname if you will.

    kids would “mark their territory” or places they’ve visited with their tag name.

    i guess it was only inevitable that displays would become more elaborate, not only to catch the eye,

    but to show the nerve of the person creating something that obviously took time and skill.

    especially since graffiti is normally done in places where it shouldn’t be,

    and by the eighties had become illegal.


  3. cheetah said


    Thank you for your explanation. Graffiti art, my thinking is, might instill a sense of ownership in the artist who paints it, a sense of home so to speak. It is a healthy exercise; graffiti art can be very beautiful, especially on a surface where dozens of “tags” are superimposed one on another. They are colorful and vibrant.

    To me graffiti art appears rich in symbols and icons understood only by someone with intimate knowledge of its placement. This is complicated stuff.


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