minimalism with philip glass

October 2, 2009


i was introduced to philip glass recently and i’ve really come to enjoy some of his work.

i watched a documentary on his life and now i’m all about mr. glass.

and minimalism.

an acclaimed composer, glass has helped hold down the fort for the “true artists.”

meaning, those that are actually original regardless of the current trend.

i hope to discover more about glass through his work.

and maybe find that inspiration needed in my own.





7 Responses to “minimalism with philip glass”

  1. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri, Ladyplum,

    I have enjoyed your blog so much I cannot begin to tell you. Your eclectic interests, especially discussions I hope develop around contemporary art.

    Phillip Glass has a wonderfully fresh creative mind, thank you so much for bringing him up. After your delicious entry last week on Basquait there was a branch of minimalist art I wanted to discuss with you that is going on right now. These are minimalist works that are being created today on a grand scale.

    I am sending along a link to an article that really doesn’t do it justice, but perhaps it is a start.

    The subject of this are thrills me! I would love sharing with everyone who reads you blog. Is this alright? I want to do make entries only if you are interested.

    Please let me know if you want to discuss these themes more.


  2. key said


    i am very appreciative of your comments and please share any information you’d like.

    i am pleased that you find excitement in reading and discussing the entries.

    it was my hope that discussions such as these would begin.

    i will definitely go to the think.

    till next time…..


  3. cheetah said


    I will write more later; minimalism is a subject I love discussing. Having you as an audience will be a thrill!

    Je te parle avec la gentillesse et passion.

  4. key said

    ce mon plaisir, mon ange.


    • cheetah said

      Mon Cheri,

      You sound sad today, possibly lonely?

      En ce moment si je pourrais je vous tiendrais dans des mes bras et ne vous ai jamais laissé partir!

      I promise.


  5. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri, Ladyplum,

    Thanks for the opener; this has gotten me listening to Phillip Glass all weekend and reading everything I can about him. I really appreciate your lead, its been an enjoyable couple of days! The weather has been beautiful here, so I passed the time sitting under a tree, watching your blog entries grow longer and more engaging, listening to Phillip Glass.

    Now its Sunday evening, I want to relax and continue our discussion on minimalism. Hopefully it will return the favor to you and you will enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed yours. Below please find a link to a PBS series about James Turell.

    I’ve known about Turrell for a long long time, I was growing up in New Mexico with my family when he bought Roden Crater in Arizona (not far from us by southwestern America standards).

    One branch of my family is Quaker (Society of Friends), so he was famous even back then with some of my aunts and uncles and cousins; Turrell was a Quaker and an artist (and also a rather exciting guy, too). His minimalistic combination of light and time made perfect sense to them!

    Please try to get into his work a little so we can talk more about it; I love this stuff. In turn, I promise to happily continue my reading on the topics you have posted. Next week lets talk more.


  6. key said


    i visited the link and already i love james turrell.

    very interesting work.

    thank you very much for introducing me to him.

    i’ll have to study him a bit more, so that we can discuss a little.

    till next time.


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