frankie lymon

October 5, 2009



lymon overdosed in 1968

he had such a beautiful voice.



8 Responses to “frankie lymon”

  1. cheetah said


    Frankie Lyman’s songs were some of the first I listened to when I was a child and first became aware of music on the radio. I loved it ever since.


  2. key said


    how nice.

    do you have a favorite song of his?

    i like the abc’s of love.


  3. J.R. said

    WOW, thanks for this!!!

  4. key said


    you’re welcome boobie.


  5. Melissa said


    I agree, such a great voice. I always end up watching “why do fools fall in love” when it’s on. Larenz Tate’s lip-synching is laughable, but the story and the music keeps me engaged everytime.

  6. key said

    i also don’t favor the film mel.

    and i don’t think they should attempt to make another!

    however, it would be nice if they made a documentary on him.

    i’ve seen short docs on the teenagers, but we need one just for frankie


  7. cheetah said


    That’s a really good idea! A documentary about Frankie. It really does need to be done; I’ve seen the shots.

    My All time favorite is like Melissa said, “Why do fools fall in love.” I think it is because I identify so closely to being a fool.


  8. tameka said

    ” why do birds sing so gay?
    and lovers await the break of day?
    why do they fall in love?

    why does rain fall from above?
    why do fools fall in love
    why do they fall in love?”

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