jail house rock

October 6, 2009

Court Room


my grandmother told me having a baby is like having one foot in the grave.

and when i go to court for any reason, i feel like i have one foot in jail.

i feel that at any moment they may say, “ms.huggins, can u approach the bench please?”

they have everything there ready to take you in.

they can just make up something and figure it out later while you wait.

in jail.



2 Responses to “jail house rock”

  1. cheetah said


    If I remember correctly your stature didn’t remind me of a particularly fierce character. You don’t cast the shadow of a being who creates social unrest, or dispatch a bomb, or rough someone up for their wallet.

    I remember you as a sincere person simply trying to stay ahead of the game, looking for opportunities to sing your music, and always willing to talk about art. You do the whole thing, too, with a refreshingly wry sense of humorous!


  2. key said

    you flatter me so.


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