accepts with pleasure

October 7, 2009

Venetian Masquerade Mask

what does one wear to a masquerade ball?

i’ve been cordially invited to a ball and i wonder,

what shall i wear?

well a mask of course.

but should i go all out?

and arrive on a plate of grapes covered in fur and feathers?


One Response to “accepts with pleasure”

  1. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri, Mon Cheri, Mon Cheri Doux,

    YES, YES, definitely go with the grapes!!

    You can drive a chariot to the affair, pulled by two lusty thoroughbred stallions; as well as handle a brace of four pearl-white Russian wolfhounds. They will escort and protect our beautiful Ladyplum on this dark, haunted night.

    But best of all, with the grapes in which your body has been entwined, press the juice into wine, together, with the one you love.

    Then, in exactly one year the libation will be ready for Halloween.

    Et vous et votre amoureux et le vin touchant vos lèvres humides chaudes peuvent aller ronds et ronds sur le manège de trois.


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