and what

October 9, 2009

Barack Obama

they mad he was awarded the nobel peace prize.

but white people have been receiving recognition and praise for things they didn’t do for centuries.

we still celebrate columbus day like he actually discovered something.

not only was the land he “discovered” already inhabited by people.

i heard he wasnt even the first one in his crew to see land.

i heard a slave saw land first.

but i digress.

obama could be given the keys to the taj mahal,  the title king of all the world,  and five noble peace prices.

and it still wouldn’t be as ridiculous as the stunts whites have pulled in this country since its founding.

some whites still believe we are soulless creatures who are undeserving of a life and we should toil for their betterment until our death.


2 Responses to “and what”

  1. cheetah said


    These are some tough issues for sure, they make me wince! What you say is absolutely right on; my biggest worry (and I worry about it a lot)is when the anger over it hurts you or somebody I love. It feels like watching a car accident as it happens.

    The first time I cried after I became an adult was over a scene I witnessed as a white family brutalized a young black man on the street in front of my house. As these white people (white people I had seen in the neighborhood) acted out their atrocity on hm, he looked straight at me. I looked back at him and we both started crying.

    I’ve been crying ever since; I’m crying now


  2. […] they insane he was awarded a nobel assent prize. though white people have been reception approval as well as regard for things they didn’t do for centuries. you still applaud columbus day similar to he essentially detected something. not usually was a land he “discovered” already inhabited by people. i listened he was … Blog Source […]

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