song of the day

October 15, 2009

freedom is actually a thing of the past.

i wonder what it would be like to be free.

to not have to slave work all day just to eat and have shelter.

to not have to become some thing.

to just be.

to just live a natural life.


One Response to “song of the day”

  1. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri,

    Thank you again for the tune; every morning now I load your song-of-the-day into my little lap top to see what you have to teach me about music.

    I’ve quickly taken a liking to Burning Spear; Merci, ladyplum! This morning I began growing my hair so it will just like his when I get his age. He is one cool dude. I am going to buff up so I look like him with my shirt off (so far I haven’t been able to muster the courage to defoliate my chest, however).

    You might find it interesting to note that Burning Spear’s message reminds me of Paulo Frier.

    Burning Spear does his work incorporating artistic expression, a form that can by appreciated by all of us. This type of “guerrilla art” is what has drawn me to you for some time now. Keep up the good work, you have found there is a lot work to be done.

    Incidentally, are you going to bring the blog conversation back to contemporary art and piano playing? I a couple of pieces I want to bring to your attention.


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