staying in your borough

October 17, 2009

HARLEM VIEW - James VanDerZee's photograph,

i grew up in a time when you stayed in your borough.

if you were from brooklyn, you stayed in brooklyn.

if you were from uptown you rarely went downtown.

and no one went to queens unless they lived there.

today i plan to venture out of my borough and go to harlem.

and see what happened to that renaissance.


a place i have seen maybe five times in my life.

it’s was bk to the fullest round my way.

but harlem is cool from what i remember.


One Response to “staying in your borough”

  1. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri,

    Hopefully yesterday your trip to Harlem was successful. For five years I lived and taught school in Harlem; it was nothing short of an honor and a privilege.

    In five years my thinking underwent the most profound paradigm shift I have ever experienced. At this moment I am writing to you, struggling to communicate and to bridge the huge chasm that separates me from you solely because of our race.

    The individual I learned to appreciate intimately was Malcolm Shabazz. While you are in Harlem, sweet princess, breathe deeply.


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