October 18, 2009


maybe i should get a surrogate.

people appear to be playing games anyway.

i get too exhausted playing hand after hand.

let the surrogate play.

let them tell lies to it and smile in its face.

that game is so old.

but people still play it.

maybe they are surrogates operating on auto pilot.

maybe that is why they don’t grow.


4 Responses to “maybe”

  1. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri,

    Isn’t this blog a wonderful forum to work some of that out? Hearing your perception of our lives has been so interesting!

    I would, however, love the opportunity to listen to you explain what it is exactly you yearn to hear. Wouldn’t it feel good to truly trust that we are perfectly safe speaking what we feel?


  2. key said

    we are safe saying whatever our heart desires.

    people do not believe one word they say or hear.

    it’s a script that was taught to us.

    we are in a play.

    • cheetah said

      Mon Cheri,

      Yes, you are absolutely right; we all live within our scripts. My script has always been “Leave it to Beaver”, but I’ve always wanted it to be “Monty Python.”


  3. key said

    you’re a riot.

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