studio life

October 19, 2009

New Control Room

i love being in the studio.

last night i was a reference for my homegirl kendra ross who is producing some new material.

if i have all that i need, meaning greens food and water, i can stay in the studio days on end.

i love creating songs.

creating moments that will last till the end of time.

i love obsessing over one tune and listening to it over and over.

tweaking it all damn night.

and then the next day tweaking it some more.

and then thinking of another tune that just popped in your head.

and laying that down.

i could live in a studio.



One Response to “studio life”

  1. cheetah said

    Dear Ladyplum,

    You are certainly on the right track, be persistent. Keep up what you are doing, then it will pay off. I remember you came off to me as a serious contender when I first met you (its been years ago now).

    I am a good judge of a person’s character; I saw you were worth investing in, you are a person from whom we will all benefit.

    Incidentally, I have a chance to score tickets for Glass next month at BAM, I’ll send them on to you if you are interested. I can’t use them.


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