October 25, 2009

Le Corset, Jeanloup Sieff

i love corsets.

i really wish they would come back in so i wont look so crazy when i start to wear mine.

i plan on changing my entire wardrobe to late victorian.

yall with me?


2 Responses to “fashion”

  1. Gayona said

    I love where you head is going with this one…. I’ve often craved having been a part of that era, so I’m with you on this one when you do decide to make the transition ;-)…… Good work on the blog and also the search for a complete assessment of lineage…… How does one go about finding such pertinent information? I’d like to know!

  2. key said


    those people put so much effort into their outfits then didn’t they?

    i love it!

    as far as the ancestry search.

    i asked my grandmother to tell me all that she could remember. her cousin even knows the name of the family that owned their great-grandfather. im waiting to get his name and see what i can look up. is supposed to be a good source, but there is a fee to use their system.

    ahh.. life.


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