October 25, 2009

johannes vermeer

johannes vermeer


one of my favorite artists work is being displayed at the met.

i’m so excited to see more of his work in person.

i first fell in love with vermeer’s work while watching the film, girl with a pearl earring.

of course the film romanticizes his struggle to become succesful.

and i initially only liked the film because it lulls me to sleep.

but one night i actually started to pay attention to the work.

i grew to appreciate vermeer,

and his use of light.


2 Responses to “vermeer”

  1. cheetah said


    Every time I get a chance to see these masters I have to feel a little humbled. My everyday thinking is today with all our photographic technology around I mindlessly assume we are the best documented generation in history. But when I look at Vermeer I am forced to come face to face with my own arrogance. What they communicated centuries ago is the understanding that “being” and “light” are one and the same.

    Incidentally, how did you like the Robert Frank exhibit? I was there last week, got alot out of it.


  2. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri

    Bonjour peu a plongé


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