part of me

October 26, 2009

Seminole Indians From The Everglades A Bride And Groom

my grandmother recently found out that her grandmother’s mother was a seminole indian.

as well as the african side there is a lil seminole lurking around in me.

it’s so sad that our history is scattered and we have to scramble to find bits and pieces.

i probably wont ever know my true lineage without the help of henry louis gates, jr.


4 Responses to “part of me”

  1. cheetah said

    Ladyplum, Mon Cheri,

    This could get very interesting; I really don’t know much about the Seminoles. One thing I hope you discover, though, is if the Seminoles are like the Seneca in New York state, Seneca nationality is past down through mothers; they are matriarchal. That means if your mother’s ancestral Grandmother was a Seminole you yourself would be recognized as a full-blood Seminole. As would your daughters. If this is the You would become quite the prize.


  2. key said

    it is my mother’s side!

    im very excited!

  3. cheetah said


    There would be nothing better in my opinion than for you to find a family you didn’t know about with whom to discover a deeper sense of belonging. It will be interesting to watch you follow this thread.

    My sister is an anthropologist in Colorado. She has spent her entire life listening to stories and writing about people she talks to. Right now, as we speak she is publishing a book on the ancestral Hopi in Colorado and Utah. These are people who built majestic cities in the American west a thousand years ago.

    If you talked with her the critical principle she would stress is for you to understand how important you are as a women in Native American culture. Your intrinsic importance as a human being is not a point stressed in popular literature, traditional Christian culture, for example, tends to subjugate women and deify men. When you think about it we are taught to view God is a man. In many Native American cultures, God was a woman.

    This is a fundamental shift in the way our minds work. I hope you discover wonderful truths about yourself from this.


  4. key said

    absolutely astonishing.

    i have so much to learn.

    how exciting!

    i’m hoping in time i will acquire more information on my ancestor.

    the seminole.

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