in love with you

October 28, 2009

stephen, badu, and a dope bass line


3 Responses to “in love with you”

  1. cheetah said


    Erykah Badu is the best thing you’ve taught me so far (A1 recipes notwithstanding). This is one of the sweetest duet I’ve heard, I love it.

    You must be aware that Erykah recently gave birth to her third child. Unfortunately she took some crit for it. In response she absolutely kicked ass! (take a look at the link)

    Ladyplum, I am a total fool for an empowered woman. She is completely straight in everything she says; makes perfect sense. After I read it I was perfectly aware of how women feel about their role as mothers.

    After I read it I wished she was my mother.


  2. key said

    some know im a huge badu fan.

    i pretend she is my second mother.

    i believe i still hold the title of biggest fan.

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