dead can dance

October 30, 2009


i had to post these two because dead can dance are insane.

i’ve loved their work for years and when i googled them to get a video,

i saw that they are from australia?

and they are white?

i thought they were native americans?

or something.

but any who, here they are.

my favorite is the one below, cantara.

i love this lady’s voice.

she sounds crazy, like a witch.

it’s marvelous.


One Response to “dead can dance”

  1. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri,

    Today you sure pulled up some music to challenge me, I really like being stretched out of my cage. This is the reason you are interesting; I enjoy seeing what you’ve cooked up each day.

    I was able to take in what this group is trying to accomplish with music. It is a world music based on scholarship and artistry; definitely my kind of stuff. Good work!

    Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to say everything I wanted to, but that’s OK, piece by piece is more fun, a wonderfully intimate and warm way to enjoy you as I have been doing.

    The other musician I’ve learned a lot from through you is Burning Spear. He represents the Raga/ Garvy/Rastafarian piece of a powerful mosaic. His accomplished intellect draws my attention. The triangle he creates pulls me in, it is compassionately universal yet prickly and confrontational.


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