October 30, 2009

a few years ago i met a beautiful lady named gelila bekele.

she was a model just starting her career.

we decided to keep in touch but her work kept her busy.

i seemed to see her face everywhere and was inspired by her.

today as i was leaving a lady’s room, i heard a faint, ” key.”

i turned to see but who else, gelila.

we had a lovely lunch and decided that after we gain our fortunes,

we’ll retire in ethiopia.

she’ll teach me the language.

i’ll teach her to crochet.


5 Responses to “ethiopia”

  1. Gelila is not just a model, she’s a role model. If more people were as beautiful inside as she is, it would spread to their outsides. She’s awesome. Now if only we could teach her to ride a bike.

  2. key said

    she doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

    tsk, tsk…lol

    she’ll know by next summer inshallah.

  3. cheetah said


    I’m glad you enjoyed your lunch with Gelila; I’ll bet seeing you two babes sitting in a toney French restaurant was a sight to behold! I wish I could have accidentally made an appearance at your table to chat and shake your hand (elegantly appropriate, of course).

    This is a great opener for me to say some things I’ve been wanting to add to your Blog. I was waiting for the yarn to loop around again.

    Here it is: Burning Spear follows the principles of Rastifari. Haile Selassie as you know holds a similar position as Jesus does to Christians. If I remember, Rastifari was the name Selassie was called before he was crowned king of Ethiopia.

    Please fill in empty spaces of what I have said. I want to learn more from you.

    Also, I am interested in hearing about the baby booties too!

    Beaucoup d’amour et particulièrement de passion.

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