cesaria evora

November 7, 2009

cesaria evora 02.jpg

i love cesaria evora.

i have been a fan for some time.

this is one of my favorites.


2 Responses to “cesaria evora”

  1. cheetah said

    Mon Cheri,

    Oh my God!!! You are brilliant! This is so much fun for us, I cannot begin to tell you what’s gone on here tonight; Cesaria Evora is totally new (our house is a recovering Bob Dylan household). Here she is all of a sudden right under our noses. We’ve blown out the windows tonight with Afro/Portuguese music!

    For an hour we’ve been blasting songs you turned me onto earlier and dancing. Everyone loves your site; you’ve picked up a new Blogger or two. There are even a couple of guys here who want to marry you (you are my secret though). Thank you so much!

    Deixe-me envolver meus braços em torno de você, balanç delicadamente o e deixe-nos dançar. Meu amor


  2. key said

    comme habitude, you leave me speechless.

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