i wonder

November 9, 2009

are other cultures as negative towards each other as black people are?

do old asian men blurt negative remarks to young asian women?

i expect young men to make sexual remarks to me as i walk the streets of brooklyn.

unfortunately, that is the primary reason why i listen to music while i walk.

it’s a bit discouraging to be constantly reminded that men of my culture and others appreciate me because of how cute i may look as they empty bodily fluids in or on me.

but alas that is the society i was born into.

thank you past generations.

i must say, the blade of disgust reaches deeper in me when i see lust in the eyes of a man who could be my grandfather.

to see him catch sight of me, then slither closer to me only to tell me i remind him of sex.

the best is when they yell at me from across the street waving their hand for me to come to them.

it’s hard enough to have to live my life without being degraded everyday by men who should be protecting me.

there should be nothing but smiles and “how do’s” as i trudge through this world, meeting the risks and obstacles that they are too cowardice to face.

i may kill one of them,

and stand over him,

and show him my pussy once and for all while he drowns in my piss.


3 Responses to “i wonder”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    Do you live in the hood? I think its new york. While some black people are negative to each other in other places, new york takes it to the next level. I am a black man from GA. I am fully grown black man with a child’s face and ignorants stare at me like I’m from another planet. Sometimes I don’t want to leave my apartment…

    I love the last 3 lines of your post. It sounds like something that should have been in the Color purple. You should publish a book. I would buy it soley from those three line.

  2. key said

    mr. mcman

    what lovely things to say.

    they are greatly appreciated.

    i do live in the hood.

    i was raised in bed- stuy.

    and i currently reside in crown heights.

    i love brooklyn.

    its my home.

    i just wish people would elevate their mind.

    and stop following each other just because.

    i plan to release a book of poems and short stories by the end of next year inshallah.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    i can’t wait for that book!

    i live in bedstuy now and i love the way its looks its just that…like you said some people need to elevate their minds a.s.a.p.

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