November 21, 2009

from kindergarten to eighth grade i went to the same school. holy rosary. the first day i remember meeting a funny girl, beth. beth was like me, she noticed everything. she was the one who noticed our kindergarden teacher asleep with her head on the desk blowing spit bubbles. that was hilarious.

most of the kids i met in kindergarten and first grade went all the way through to eighth grade  like me. a few others came along around second grade. i think that was when mr. grant used to hit kids on the knuckles with his red pen. me and beth thought that was also hilarious.

but i must say that the funniest times where in seventh grade. that was when most of us had ms. thomas. almost all of the joksters were in that class. someone would start to hum and then someone else would start, until most of the class was humming this one long note. she hated that.


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