November 27, 2009

at some point i realized that something happened dec. 31.

it was called new years eve.

for years i wasn’t allowed to stay up, until i was around ten or eleven.

i tried to stay up, but those first few years i always fell asleep and missed the ball drop.

around thirteen i was able to stay up later.

and that was when i saw what my mom did on new years eve.

she watched the twilight zone marathon.

i never liked twilight zone or tales from the dark side.

i was too afraid of those shows.

the music alone scared me.

but during those first teen years sitting with my mom,

watching her make circles of smoke while laughing at those shows,

it made me not feel so afraid.

so then it came to be that every year the marathon was on every tv set in the house through the holiday.

and even now it brings me joy to watch one show after the other each year.

only i dont watch them all through the night.

im still much too afraid to do that.


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