wodaabe tribe

November 27, 2009

wodaabe tribe

falling in love


3 Responses to “wodaabe tribe”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    I’d like to quote Diddy from his all black male fashion show.”So beautiful,…so black.” lol. Though we may have lost the language and the culture, we have the bloodline. Some of the tribe resemble people I know from Georgia or even here in NY.

  2. Maddy McMan said

    Also, I like that the women have the upperhand. This proves that women didn’t have to be submissive to a man. Its vice versa. The men have to beat their faces in with makeup to be seen. I love it! The traditions probably were old long before Christianity and Islam appeared.

  3. key said


    people keep saying, ” we lost our culture. we lost our languages.”

    many say that only because accepting their “lost” culture means letting go of their belief that jesus is going to save them. a belief that was taught to them my slave masters as a tool to brainwash them.

    and yes. for millennia ancient cultures were matriarchal. but i believe it was the romans and greeks that killed that idea.



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