can’t stop, won’t stop

November 27, 2009

Beyonce Sasha Fierce pictures with Lorraine Schwartz glove

so apparently sasha wont let beyonce sit down and have those little camels.

sasha wants to do another album.

i wonder how long sasha plans on dragging beyonce all around the world.

or maybe beyonce isn’t being dragged.


2 Responses to “can’t stop, won’t stop”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    But she needs to stop. I will admit that one or two of her songs will be catchy but the others are just noise to bump in the club. She needs to hire a musical director in her camp.

    Also can you believe Hype Williams directed Videophone? If I were him, I would have put Alan Smithee as the director. It looked so tacky and cheap. I guess the recession has hit everybody.

  2. key said

    hype did that?


    well my bey bey prob was the creative director so that solves that mystery.

    and please dont get me wrong.

    i, like most people love some beyonce.

    however, i do think she can hang it up now. she isnt really doing anything diff then what she was doing with destiny’s child.

    and shouldnt music inspire you?

    but wait.

    maybe she is inspiring something.

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