um, run that by me again

November 30, 2009

yasmin commercial 2009

wasn’t it just a few years ago i was seeing all of those commercials for yasmin birth control?

they were so despreately trying to get young ethnic women to take it.

” get your yasmin, jasmine.”

was that some tactic?

did they think that if it had an enthic name that ethnic girls would be more drawn to it.

maybe if they had named it shakeekee i would have used it.

i think not.

i just think its very strange that they push drugs in your face only to tell you some time later that it is killing you.

didn’t they know that already?

i think yes.


3 Responses to “um, run that by me again”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    They just wanted expendable lab rats. Shanaynay,quita and the rest would have been more numbers in statistic.
    It should have been like that dumb Brooke Shields commercial for getting thicker eyelashes. That list of side effects was crazy. Your eyes could pretty much fall out of the socket. All for a medicine to get thicker eyelashes.

  2. key said

    its like we get insulted everyday and don’t even realize it.

    them crazy.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    they sho’ iz. 😉

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