December 2, 2009

lil wayne doc

so in this snippet of lil waynes doc.

he explains that he was raped.

at eleven.

in a room around cash money.

um, okay.

look, im glad people have jobs.

they all seem very happy.

but are they listening to themselves?


6 Responses to “wow”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    this is that type of thing,I wish that we(black people) could hide from the public. Have you ever had those moments when you are just embarrassed by “ignorance”?

    That mess made no sense. I agree its good for them to have jobs but thats just ridiculous. That boy was young and still had his innocence intact. There is lil wayne trying to make him feel bad for it. Somebody should punch him in the face for that and that whole dumb speech. I might borrow this for my blog and rant a little more. 🙂

  2. key said

    you should!

    i was a little shocked that all of the adults in the room just went along with it.

    but i guess they want to stay on that payroll.

    too many things in the black community revolve around being ” hot ” or “cute” or ” bout it “.

    but alas this is who we choose to be.

    there was a time when we chose to be knowledgeable of ourselves and surroundings.

    those times have passed.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    sad but so true. Its been a slow decline since the departure of Malcom X and MLK,Jr. Now the decline is really coming fast. Had they survived to see the real “dream” come to fruition, maybe some of the ignorance would be nonexistent or at least stunted.

  4. key said

    its time now for us to just do it for ourselves.

    those that want to move forward do so.

    and those that dont can stay behind.

    so many people do not want to change.

    they are happy in the ghetto with the grape drink.

  5. Maddy McMan said

    PREACH!Amen Church! Me and friend had that same discuss a while back and came to same conclusion.

    Somebody should put that last line on t shirt or make a hit song featuring santigold.

  6. key said


    maybe someone should!

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