a dream

December 8, 2009


so last night i had a dream about diddy.

i remember sitting at a table in a lounge environment.

diddy was sitting next to me at the table.

it was kinda dark.

he had my hand in his and he asked me, ” so you ready?  you ready to be with diddy?”

i looked around quickly but turned my focus back to him, i didn’t want to appear rude.

” you ready to listen. you ready to trust what ima say?”

i said to myself, well i guess this is my big chance.

either this or back to being poor.

i decide to sign with puffy.


2 Responses to “a dream”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    If i was in your dream, I would be like:”You betta read and negotiate that contract real good. You know how Puffy will do you.”

  2. key said

    i know thats right!

    i guess i was looking around in the dream for my lawyer!

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