another one of those holidays

December 17, 2009

so what do you do when you are poor and cant afford to do anything or go anywhere  for the holidays?

other than make cake with drops of your blood to give to people, you can actually do nice things.

i often kill many hours wandering the halls of macy’s during the holiday season.

many, many hours.

or if you bundle up you can walk on 5th Ave from central park to union square.

that is oh so exciting, truly.

hmm, what else.

well you can catch a free show at lincoln center and feel like a complete loser.

you can ice skate alone as i often do.

or go down to the good old farmers market for a cup of complimentary hot cider.

what works best for me is daydreaming from halloween until about 6 pm new years eve, then i put my attention to the twilight zone marathon on si fi until the ball drops.

then its count down till the next wonderful holiday season.

ahh  life.


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