where is your stylist ri ri

December 21, 2009

i know its the holiday season.

but ri ri needs to pull her stylist from wherever the hell he or she is and get them back to work.


no ri ri,  no.

ray charles can see this outfit aint right and he’s blind and dead.

i hope this was a fluke and i look forward to seeing you back in proper haute couture ensembles.


4 Responses to “where is your stylist ri ri”


  2. Maddy McMan said

    You know its a recession. After that banging video to the lame song “Hard,” she had to go on a hard budget. If they gave her at least a Galliano coat and chunked that veil(and that whole hat), it may have salvaged the look. Grace Jones would never get caught out there like this, especially in some snow.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    Edit:Naomi Campbell wouldn’t get caught out there like that. Ex:When she was doing community service, she never had a fashion emergency.

  4. key said


    so true!!!!!

    unfortunately for rihanna. without her ” team ” she is lost.

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