lou jing

December 22, 2009

black girl lou jing 3


all the way in shanghai there is young lady named lou jing who appeared on a talent show.

something like america’s next top model and american idol rolled into one.

basically, the chinese public didnt embrace lou jing as much as she had hoped.

actually, the hosts from the show asked that her mother who is chinese appear before the audience so that they all could see if her mother was really chinese.

the story is that the mother was married and had an affair with an african american male who quickly left for america once lou jing was conceived.

once the child was born, her mothered divorced and it has been the two of them ever seen.

lou, who doesnt sing very well, had dreams of stardom and decided to try out as many of the other ill singing ladies of shanghai had.

unfortunately, for lou her skin color was something that people just could not accept and she didnt achieve her dream of becoming the winner.

some people feel, as i do, that lou jing was poorly judged because she is black.

poor thing was made to feel ashamed of herself.

and she shouldnt be.

she should be very proud.

i hope that she is doing well and i hope one day she comes to the us and learns to take care of her hair.

but seriously.

its makes me so sad when i watch this video, it must be hard for her there.


2 Responses to “lou jing”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    Now that made me sad. There she is China a beautiful black woman with no ties to her other side. That father needs to be found ASAP. If he knew that woman was pregnant he needs his @ss kicked. I hear that they love us in Japan maybe that should be her next stop. I hope that she does look into that black side and keeps her head up.

  2. key said

    isnt it sad?

    every time i watch i tear up.

    poor thing.

    i thing she is about twenty years old.

    i hope that her father id found and i hope that he is in good standings.

    im sure with this type of exposure someone will try to dig him up.

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