my dreams

January 7, 2010


a few years ago i noticed that i wasnt having random dreams. i was having dreams that were connected to each other, like a television show. ninety percent of the time i am visiting the same place. like a city.

sometimes im driving down a winding road. often, the road meets a bridge that runs over water into a forest. sometimes im lost in that same forest just walking around. other times im in a large building that looks abandoned. but then there are times when the building looks very new.

there are times when the building is full of motion and there are people everywhere and we are about to do something. everyone is buzzing around getting ready or unpacking. other times its empty and i just keep getting in a large elevator going up to different floors.

one time  i was having a dream that i was walking in that forest and i saw a hill. as i got to the top of the hill i noticed the building. that was when i realized that these dreams weren’t separate.  i was visiting the same place. that building was in the forest and from afar it was so tall that i couldn’t see the top of it.

i dont like being in that building when its empty. its very strange. and i know that there are people still in there because in other dreams i see them and we try to get out.

when its new, sometimes im outside about to go inside the building. its usually at night and all the lights are on. there are cars around and people moving about. everyone is excited. i usually appear on a floor and there are people walking around going to their room. i walk the halls peeking into peoples rooms. i go to where i guess i have a room. and i see more people packing , unpacking, getting ready?  everyone is happy. are we performing?  are we leaving? did we just arrive? should i be packing?  i dont know.

sometimes i walk around with a small group. we walk around the ground floor outside towards the back of the building. its very green and lush back there. its a beautiful sunny day. everyone is in white or a light color. the plants are huge. we just walk towards the back of the building and go inside. i sit near a window and wait for the others to do whatever. i sit and look outside the large window, looking at how green everything is.

one time i was in the building, on a very high floor and i walked down one of the halls. through one of the glass windows i saw there was a balcony. on the balcony there were  people lounging and there was a pool. the balcony was huge and past it there was a row of glass doors. through the glass i could see people laying on a beach. sometimes i go to the beach. most of the time i just watch the people through the glass doors.

when im in the building i cant get out. the elevator only goes up. and the stair case is so creepy. once i tried to go down and i just kept going down. there was no out.

other times when the building seems abandoned , i try to escape and climb out of a window and or through back ways, vents. but i can never get far. and sometimes im with other people and we try to get out. actually, i remember getting out sometimes but i end up in a car again or lost on a road back in that forest.

that is a creepy place.


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