day breakers

January 12, 2010


i saw day breakers last night.

i actually liked it.

im not really an ethan hawke kinda gall.

im more of a gary oldman, daniel day lewis type of person.

just straight up method acting.

but again, if you are into conpsirary theories.

this film will definitely give you some ideas to chew on.

id give it a B + for its genre.

meaning, silly films to make out in, but may also provide info for conspiracy theorists.


9 Responses to “day breakers”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    I saw it online the other day. I liked it too. It was actually funny in some parts. Like when the soldier on the table calms down then explodes like a paint ball. It was also kind of Buffy-like when vampires are killed. It had a lot of vampire genre references. It even had a little Bram Stoker’s Dracula too.

    Have you seen The Road yet? I saw and liked it but it was such a sad movie. One part near the end really made me sad. Funny it was with one of the 2 black folks you see in the whole movie.

  2. key said

    yes, i saw the road. i really enjoyed that as well.

    it is nice to see all these crazy films and how they put so much info in then yet ppl still just keep walking around alseep.

    i really wanted to see legion as well.

    but who has all that money to burn.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    I’m glad you said that. Infomercial begins here…
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  4. key said


    thanks so much!

    now i aint never gonna leave my house!


  5. key said

    but wait!

    thats not free. : (

    womp womp

  6. Maddy McMan said

    What happened?

  7. key said

    you can get a free trial for five days.

    but then you have to pay a monthly fee.

    thats cool.

    i have netflix.

  8. Maddy McMan said

    Thats is weird because I can watch everything free without any problems. I didn’t have to pay for anything. Maybe I hacked it by accident. I’ve done that before.Don’t know how,though.

    I’m sorry I didn’t know.Bad infomercial 😦

  9. key said

    oh no…

    its all goodie gum drops!

    thanks for sharing. : )

    and maybe you did hack in someway.

    it does happen.

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