the extermination begins

January 14, 2010

A child injured in an earthquake at a Hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

is anyone thinking what im thinking.

that this was all organized.

that the devastation to haiti was intentional.

islands make great places to isolate people.

it would be great to have a few islands vacant for the rich to live on,

while the rest of us are left on larger regions to work as slaves.

haiti is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

of course they want all those people to die so they can get that land.

i wonder where they will strike next.


4 Responses to “the extermination begins”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    France is probably gonna swoop in and take what they lost to the Haitians all those years ago. That whole situation is so sad and depressing.

    A holy roller that I went to school with up here overlooks this whole sad situation to pretty much blame it on the practice of voodoo. I wish I could Facebook riot her profile. “Saved” folks get on my nerves… anyways…

    There all these place popping up to send stuff down there. I am sending clothes down can’t afford to donated. Its a recession.

  2. key said

    i wonder how long it will take then to actually get the supplies to the people.

  3. sue said

    OMG KEy we think sooo alike it’s crazy!!!!!
    I told someone I will NOT be donating a dime and they were appauled….well if the SHEPEOPLE wanna take their hard- to-come-by-money and donate they can do so all they want but I think these messes are best handled by those who cause them, In this case uhhhh…. FRANCE. Let them find money to build Haiti ….. after all they did take their primary riches. We do we continue to be played emotionally by THE SYSTEM?!!!DAMNNNNN

  4. key said


    its so sad that people really “buy” into all this bullshit.

    AND ive almost had it up to here with them saying, ” yet the people of haiti remain faithful.”

    they try to make it seem as if the ones that died were the voodoo worshipping ones and all the “faithful” people survived.


    france dont want to be bothered at all.

    none of europe does.

    im just amazed at how fast they are moving.

    and how blatant they are about their agenda.

    yet people just stay getting gully or whatever hell the kids say these days.

    getting gully and going to church.

    yeah, thats been working wonderfully for the black community.

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